I am the co-founder and co-organizer of LatinR, the Latinamerican Conference About the Use of R in Research and Development.

On October 25, 2017, an announcement was made by Heather Turner on the R User Group (RUG) Organizers Slack: the R Foundation Conference Committee was interested in the emergence of academic-focused R events in regions not currently covered by useR! In less than a week, we had organized our first videoconference to start thinking about how to face the challenge. This quick response was not the result of mere luck, but the consequence of a year in which the R community — through its local RUGs and social media presence— grew stronger in South America. By mid November everything was set up: a name, a place, a date, and a motivated international organizing committee. The first edition took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina (2018) and the second in Santiago de Chile, Chile (2018). Since 2020 we have run LatinR as a virtual event.